1. What support do you need from our event planning staff?

PEC will supply you with a list of important event staff contacts and their duties, production vendors, food & beverage vendors plus general event logistics & supply information. Our approach is to work with your event staff in team cooperation to eliminate the burdens of concessions planning.

2. What is required for an event for PEC to run food & beverage concessions?

A special event alcohol permit is required to serve alcohol at special events.  PEC will obtain all applicable licenses and permits required in order to sell alcohol at the event.  PEC will also obtain any required health permits for all food & beverages vendors.  PEC requires a power source for lighting if event has night hours.

3. What will be on the beverage concession menu?

PEC features beverages from beer, wine, spirits plus soft drinks, sports drinks and water.

4. Who is responsible for staffing the concession booths?

It is important for events to keep the local flavor of the event and the proven method of promoting goodwill is allowing local civic groups and non-profit organizations to use the event as a fund-raising tool. Event planners can generally appoint a concession labor coordinator to build this concession labor base from these fund-raising organizations. PEC’s concession labor coordinator will work with the event when recruiting local civic organizations. On some occasions, PEC can recruit an organization for concession fund-raising if a listing of non-profits and civic organizations in the local event area is provided to PEC.  All non-profit organizations participating in concessions should be compensated with a percentage of the gross concession sales plus 100% of the tips.  PEC can also provide paid staff as well if needed if a local organization is not obtainable to staff the event.

5. Will PEC makes a visit to the event site?

All site visits will be judged on an as-needed basis. PEC will complete an initial site visit at the beginning and do most of our advance planning from our Atlanta, Georgia headquarters.  PEC generally arrives the week prior to your event to finalize logistics with your site coordinator and to begin setting up the general concession areas.

6. What financial packages are available for your event from PEC?

PEC will provide an event financial package that will guarantee you the highest concession revenue return in the industry. PEC can pay a generous flat fee for exclusive concession rights or pay a percentage of gross receipts. The percentage plan is very popular with events when they reap the revenue rewards of a well-attended event, while getting a guaranteed sum as revenue protection. All revenue is documented in a detailed concession report available immediately after the event. Additional after-action reports such as soft drink and beer usages are available for sponsor and audit purposes.

7. When does the event get paid?

PEC pays all commissions 3 business days after each event. This allows our team to review and reconcile all concessions properly. PEC’s event coordinator will meet with you or your staff and provide the concession report with the concession settlement. Generally, an informal post event recap and consultation will take place, allowing for more dialogue for improvement or changes for the next event.

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